Something about me...

What to say.. I am an Italian web designer, started to take a look at this field of work more than 5 years ago.

It wasn't a drastic decision like "I want to be a web designer". I got interested into HTML and CSS while following an interest of mine, Japanese Animation & Manga. At the time, i was pretty much active on dedicated forums and also found myself attracted to how some japanese games and animation we sites were designed. One could say that those designs where the first spark to lead me into knowing how they were done.

I also read mangas, giving me the motivation to try and draw as well. My drawings aren't excellent, however, decent enough to make me take the decision of trying out a graphic design school in Germany. Being also a creative field, both interests were connected. I followed this path.

I guess it was a good decision. Two years ago i started reading/playing Visual Novels. A found yet another medium by which i got new interests and try out my skills acquainted so far. I joined a small group of people and assisted with the development of our first game Stained with Magic. I was able to try out both illustration and design kind of works. With illustration i would have needed to create background images for the game, by the aspect of design, i tried to port my knowledge of web design into creating the games' GUI (Graphic User Interface). Those were really my first steps into this medium.

Today i am working on multiple Visual novel projects and also have few ideas for some possible games of mine. I didn't stop by trying out and create needed assets, i also got to acquire basic skills in what is needed for such a game to function, programming. The preferred engine so far is Ren'Py. Learning such is letting me be more effective into creating the GUI as also coding it into the game. I still have a long way to got, but certainly is being a fun one so far ;)

Awesome people i work with!!



Sprite artist, Character design



Freelance artist, manga & anime style



Writer, Visual novel developer



Freelance Programmer & Writer. Ren'Py and much more.