This is something which has become an annoying issue with myself.

I finish developing a webpage, inserted needed content, being texts and images. At times though, i do not have the needed material to finish the whole page and leave the missing part out, mostly inserting an information block as "Content will be available soon".

It is not that bad so far, as many times, missing content is quite usual, being that a client (this time myself) didn't have needed images yet, or that a specific information isn't available. It becomes annoying when moment comes, after some time, you "remember" something needed to be finished and the missing content was available in the meantime.

Being that one is focused on other projects or works, when three or four of these small to-be-updated pages gather together, you rush to find some time and update those.

This was the case with the project page of Stained with Magic, here on my portfolio. It has been updated with new content, screenshots and links to social media pages as also a link to the Download section of the games' website is now also available :)

Stained with Pagic Project page teaser image

Visit the Project page

Alternatively, just jump over to the games website. It is being updated by the game author himself, with more infos, download section and development blog!