So yeah.. time has come to finally start a portfolio site and keep myself from procrastinating. (not that i am a good writer, but well..)

Please mind that this website has some issues and some pages will be modified from day to day. The basic is done, now comes fine-tuning ;)

Hi everyone!

On the net I go by many nicknames, mainly kuro, kuroisalva, shiroisalva.

Being a graphic design assistant lead me working for a german advertising agency. My field of work consist as web design, illustration and at times content management. Being this a pretty much creative work field, i found many connectivities with other interests of mine, being manga, anime, website creation as also visual novels. Some processes can be applied to all these mediums as well. This lead me to look at Visual Novel development as well :D

Almost 3 years ago, i got recruited by a person to work on a game, Stained with Magic. The initial idea was as a background artist, giving it a try. I did manage to give some help there, however i was more comfortable into creating GUI and websites. At the end it resulted into working on those as well.

By the way you may check the game website by clicking on this link.

During that time we met other awesome people and decided to found a small indie group called Hikage Studios. Stained with magic is the first main project we decided to release under that group, it got released and a second game is planned.

Yep, i created our Hikage Studios website as well :9 Want to take a peak? Click on the logo and it will take you there :9

What am i doing right now?

This is a good question. Besides work i continue working on Visual novels. I guess one could also say that i am studying this medium as well. I have been creating some GUI designs, however i didn't really got the chance to learn how the basic programming works, so sometimes tho sled me into designs which couldn't be entirely applied.

During the time we worked on Stained with Magic, i got to know how people were passionate into creating not only the game's script, as other extras as well. Be it mini games, sound room, galleries.. all this inspired me into knowing how the basic programming worked and create better applicable designs.

Lately i found some ideas i wrote down some time ago. A project of mine to be released as light novels and visual novels. Since i am pretty much an amateur in both fields, i took some of the ideas written and decided to try and create a small demo game. Perhaps this could help me improve the skills and knowledge to continue works with the Visual novel medium.

The project in mind is called "The fountain in the woods", should be a jumpscare or at least a light horror type of story. I hope it will turned out decent though u.u

Final words?

Let's not hope this will be the first and last post i will share. So yeah.. thanks for visiting my page. Will update stuff more or less regularly :D

See ya~