In the outskirts of a small town in south Italy, an old fountain can be found within a forest.

There are rumors about that place, some of them involve people who encountered a spirit of a woman.
It is said that during some nights, one can hear her singing an old song, while sound of clothes being washed echoes in the air..

Two friends get to know about this story and decide to investigate further.
Little they know about the ghost and perhaps, something more dangerous is awaiting in the shadows of the dark nights forest..

The fountain in the woods is a recently started project, therefore in early development stage.

Plans are to have a functional game by the end of oktober. Which as it seems, deadline won't be met.

It is currently being developed with Ren'Py v6.99.11.1749

For now no polished end game is planned, however taking this first step into Visual novel development by creating a small test game, might lead to an even bigger project later on.

The game was originally intended for an italian audience, however it will be development in english as well.

Simple GUI design on some screens has been done.

Works on the script has recently started and is aimed to be at least a two scene story in length.

screenshot.fitw-mainscreen.jpg screenshot.fitw-optioncreen.jpg

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GUI-Design, Background artist (concept, linearts), Webdeveloper

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GUI-design, Webdesign