Stained with Magic: Chasing Whispers

“Whether bound by fate or chance, a man will always fight to regain his will.” — Unknown

In the year 2036, human civilization has reached a new scientific era: technological innovation is widespread and industrialization is at its zenith. Conversely, the societies of the occult have been pushed to the brink of extinction. As their numbers dwindle, mages find themselves pushed further into the shadows—forced to retreat from annihilation at the hands of criminal syndicates.

For most, the machinations of the underworld are relegated to myth and legend. People live in ignorant bliss, contented with the technological advancement that has eased their burdens. In Tokyo, the nexus of industrial power, Fukuda Ryota remains unaware of the clandestine conflicts that plague the city. But a fateful encounter with the enigmatic Sophie Belleamie will change his life forever, plunging him into the depths of a world he never dreamed existed.

With his destiny now intertwined with this mysterious girl, an “Executor” of the Russian Church, Ryota finds himself on the run from the nefarious magi hunter—the Whispering Shadow—and pursued by the infamous criminal organization, The Silent Workers. But as he explores the dark world of magic, he realizes that his life, and the future, will be changed forever.

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