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“They’re watching.”

Tradition runs deep in the Bog. Young Lily has to follow her people’s customs and wed the sinister Baron Julius Von Mugwort. Listening to her heart over the logic fed to her from birth, she impulsively leaves the powerful Julius at the alter, breaking free for the outside world.

“Humans are nice...right?”

And so, Lily’s new life as Aura begins. Fall into a tale of discovery as Aura falls dangerously in love with the simplicity, mysterious intrigue, and sheer beauty too often taken for granted.

"It's going to be okay."


Based on an enchanting nightmare, Bog is a Visual Novel game being developed with Ren’Py by divinegames.studios; an indie development team, formed March 2016.

As of february 15th, 2017, a demo has been released!
Click on the image below and get your copy by visiting the game's download page!

My contribution to the project

My support were into assets creation, such as background images (concept and lineart), Design of the Game User Interface (GUI) and design and development of the game's website.

bog-screenshot-game-mainmenu.jpg bog-screenshot-game-settingscreen.jpg bog-screenshot-game-loadscreen.jpg bog-screenshot-game-quitalert.jpg

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